• Q: Can I register on the day of the event?
    • A: Yes! You can register on race day. Just show up around 7:30-8am and we will get you set.
  • Q: What should I wear?
    • A: It can be cold in November but often warms up once the sun is higher in the sky. Consider wearing layers.
  • Q: Where can I put my stuff while I’m out running?
    • A: If you don’t want to bring your jacket, race day shirt, or any other items along the trail with you during your run or walk, we will have a bag check for your convenience.
  • Q: How are you handling Covid precautions?
    • A: Covid is still around, and we often have participants who are fighting cancer or are survivors who may have weakened immune systems. With that in mind, please stay home if you’re sick, consider wearing a mask if you are not vaccinated, wash your hands, and stay healthy.
  • Q: Can I bring my dog?
    • A: Well-behaved, friendly dogs are invited to the event but must stay on leash at all times and remain under control. If your dog barks excessively or is disturbing people or other dogs at the event, you may be asked to remove the dog from the event.
  • Q: What is included with my  Roanne’s Race Registration?
    • A: Participants receive a custom Roanne’s Race cotton-feel sport t-shirt, a goodie bag, and a race bib with a timing chip. Top finishers will receive special awards, and every child participating in the Kids Fun Run will receive a medal.
  • Q: What is the course like? Are there a lot of hills?
    • A: The courses run along a mostly-flat paved trail. There are a few short segments of dirt and gravel. There is a hill on the 10k course up towards Holdener Park.
  • Q: Do I have to run the 10K?
    • A: The 5K is designed for both walkers and runners, whereas the 10K is technically designed for runners. However, we do not require anyone to run either one. We only want our 10K walkers to know that if you plan on entering any of the raffles, we hold drawings for the big prizes throughout the awards ceremony, which we start after 90% of our participants have returned, and you may not be back in time.
  • Q: How can I support Roanne’s Race without registering?
    • A: We host several fundraisers over the months leading up to the race. Please check our Facebook page for details, or, if you’d like, you can donate directly here.
  • Q: What do I need to bring with me to pickup my packet?
    • A: You will need your confirmation email as well as an ID. Anyone under the of 18 is not required to show ID as long they have the confirmation email.
  • Q: Can someone else pickup my race packet for me?
    • A: Yes they are welcome to pickup your packet for you. They will need a copy of your confirmation email in order to pick it up and will be required to sign an additional waiver on your behalf.
  • Q: Can friends and family attend even if they do not participate in the race?
    • A: Yes friends and family are welcome to join you for support and to enjoy the pre- and post-race entertainment and fun.

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